Laser Technology in Manufacturing Units

New technologies are taking over manual methods in manufacturing industry. This had led to more production in less time. Hence the use of new tools and techniques are proving to be efficient and time saving.

CNC Punching

In metal working punching is the main term. It is a process in which a hole is created in the work piece by use of punch press. Punch is made from carbides or hardened steel. During punching the scarp is pushed out into the die where it can be discarded, reused and recycled. Punches of different diameter can be easily made according to the need. Punching is the cheapest method of creating desired holes in metal sheets for production purpose.

Punching was done manually in olden days. With enhancement in the industry CNC was introduced. CNC i.e. computer numerical controlled mechanism is a new method of punching. In this technique a computer gives instructions to the machine where holes must be punched. Following the instruction punching is done without human involvement. CNC punching service in India is becoming popular as it gives accurate results for metal work. It is a cost effective method for getting metal work done.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an art. Accomplishing the task of metal fabrication is a great deal. Be it industrial purpose, commercial or residential use, metal sheets are used everywhere. Fabrication is an important task to serve the purpose of client.  Custom sheet metal fabrication India varies from project to project. In this process firstly surface is prepared by removing rust and cleaning it with a brush. Cleaning is done for electricity to travel faster.

Laser cutting stainless steel sheet is also done under the same roof. Authentic service providers carry out laser cutting with utmost perfection. It is a complete engineering solution which offers customer satisfaction. Results are worth your money. Implementation of laser technique in the manufacturing processes yields outstanding results.

Welding and fabrication companies in Delhi joins and repair metal parts. These parts are used in machinery and equipments like motor bodies, trailer units, containers, truck frames and bridges. Welding is the main focus of steel fabrication. In this process machine parts are assembled and welded with safety. The technique is largely used for industrial purpose.


With increasing demand electrical panels manufacturers in Indiaare experimenting with new technologies to yield best results. Electric panels are used everywhere ranging from homes to offices to industries. The efficient use of evolving technology is resulting in revolutionary changes in manufacturing industry.